Monday, June 11, 2012

Is It A Smash Book...Or A Junk Journal??...You Tell Me! :)

Hi Friends...

I bet you can't believe that I am back again with another blog. Well...I decided to be a little more dedicated to this paper crafting journey and begin with another endeavor. A short time back before I was an actual member of the "Pride" I participated in an Easter blog hop. In one of the comments my dear friend and mentor Elsa suggested that maybe a make a video tutorial to share the beautiful giving tree that I had created. This got me to thinking..."Hmmm...Could I actually pull off a video on YouTube?? Would people even watch??".  I gave it some thought and then pushed it to the back of my head with a "Nah...not gonna happen".

So the other day I complete this totally awesome Vintage Smash/Junk Journal and I'm trying to take photos of it to post, and photos of it myself to have for memories sake...when I all of a sudden remember Elsa's comment. So I say, "What the heck, let's give it a try"...and so I did. 

Without further ado, please let me share the end result of my first experience with YouTube and videos! Elsa...Why didn't you ever tell me how hard it is to do?? Or that YouTube keeps you basically in a 10 minute window...or about lighting...Oy Vey! :)


And...If you are interested in seeing Part 2 please go to my YouTube Channel...You will see it there next to Part 1. I would so appreciate you all stoppin' by and leavin' me some lovin'!!

I might have been able to post both videos here on my blog but I don't know how to get it to post more than one video on my blog yet...I still have so much to learn about Blogger and YouTube...But, I am going to keep pluggin' away...and sharin'...I hope you will be back to visit me.

Until then...



  1. Hey there Bon....I thoroughly enjoyed your movies. It was great to "hear" you and your accent! I usually do about 500 stops n starts before I finally get to a point where I am happy with my video, my lighting, my camera angle and my explanations....So glad that you took the plunge tho' Hope to see many more...hugs big Aussie ones Kimi xx

  2. Hi Bon!!! Just watched both vids!!! You did great girl! Your smash book is I'm going to have to make one(after you do the pocket tut...hint, Oh and silly me..I just put two and two together and finally figured out who the boots belong too that follows me on my blog!!! So very nice to meet you!!! I will be prowling again soon:)

  3. HI hon!!! watched the video a few day back and LOVED it! your a natural!!! loved the smash book!!!!

  4. Hi Bon - you are at it again- doing amazing things with paper- so personalized, creative & beautifully done. LOVE this smash book.