Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Part Of The "PRIDE"...Really????

You heard it here...Yes! I am a part of the "PRIDE"!!!! I was asked my the Alpha Lioness herself Elsa if I would like to be a part of the Just A Few Friends "PRIDE!! Would I like to??? Are you kidding me...I would LOVE to!! I have been watching Elsa create on You Tube since 2010. Can you just see me every night watching YouTube videos late at night wishing upon wishes that one day Elsa would even know my name let alone be able to create with her. I believe wishes do come true, because not only am I NOW creating with her...but I am a part of "Just A Few Friends" and I am just


Stay tuned for all of my adventures with the "PRIDE" and if you are curious as to who the "PRIDE" include you can find them in my sidebar!

Until next time...


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