Monday, June 25, 2012

Isn't This Darling?! You Tell Me...

Hi Friends...

I have been so busy creating!! I wanted to take a minute to share with you one of my latest creations! It is a Vintage Springtime Altered Box and Altered Envelope Mini Album that I created for a dear friend named Glenda using paper from the Graphic 45 "Little Darlings" Collection!  Glenda is so special to me. One of those people that just always supports everything that I do. Brings sunshine to my grey days, and always brings a smile to my face with her kind words. She has been such an added treasure to my life.
Glenda...This is for you!

I hope that you take the time to remember your cherished friends. And that you show them just how special they are as often as you can.

Be blessed and remember to pay it forward...After all, every single friend was once a stranger.

Until next time...


Monday, June 11, 2012

Is It A Smash Book...Or A Junk Journal??...You Tell Me! :)

Hi Friends...

I bet you can't believe that I am back again with another blog. Well...I decided to be a little more dedicated to this paper crafting journey and begin with another endeavor. A short time back before I was an actual member of the "Pride" I participated in an Easter blog hop. In one of the comments my dear friend and mentor Elsa suggested that maybe a make a video tutorial to share the beautiful giving tree that I had created. This got me to thinking..."Hmmm...Could I actually pull off a video on YouTube?? Would people even watch??".  I gave it some thought and then pushed it to the back of my head with a "Nah...not gonna happen".

So the other day I complete this totally awesome Vintage Smash/Junk Journal and I'm trying to take photos of it to post, and photos of it myself to have for memories sake...when I all of a sudden remember Elsa's comment. So I say, "What the heck, let's give it a try"...and so I did. 

Without further ado, please let me share the end result of my first experience with YouTube and videos! Elsa...Why didn't you ever tell me how hard it is to do?? Or that YouTube keeps you basically in a 10 minute window...or about lighting...Oy Vey! :)


And...If you are interested in seeing Part 2 please go to my YouTube Channel...You will see it there next to Part 1. I would so appreciate you all stoppin' by and leavin' me some lovin'!!

I might have been able to post both videos here on my blog but I don't know how to get it to post more than one video on my blog yet...I still have so much to learn about Blogger and YouTube...But, I am going to keep pluggin' away...and sharin'...I hope you will be back to visit me.

Until then...


Sunday, June 10, 2012

"My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys...On The Journey Of My Life"

What a fantastic title for a blog post wouldn't you say?? Well, the reason I am celebrating Cowboys and a very special Cowboy at that, is because this month,  the Just A Few Friends "Pride" Prowl is dedicated to none other than the most wonderful  men of all...Our Daddy's.

Welcome as we take you pouncing on the most AMAZING Father's Day adventure of "Precious Treasures" that we have created for our special men and  each of you to  help get your creative juices flowing in time for next Sunday! If you happened here first please start back at the beginning with the Alpha Lioness Elsa at

Now without further ado let me share my treasures with you...

First is a card I call "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys...And You Are The Last Of The Forgotten Breed" dedicated to the most AMAZING Daddy in the whole word...My husband Joseph. 

He is the epitome of the word Daddy! There has NEVER been a time in my children and grandchildren's lives that this man has NOT been there! For every celebration and every sorrow he has lead this family. He is strong, yet has the patience of Job. He is brave and believes with his whole heart in his Lord and Savior, when a crisis or challenge arises and they do, he handles it with the valor of Hero. Always keeping in mind the health and well being of all of his family. He has taught his children to stand up for what they believe in...speak their minds and to always have an opinion...and more than voice it. He is honest to a fault and the most hard working man I have ever met in my life.  He came into my Children's lives on Mother's Day 1996 they didn't know what having a "Daddy" was like. But  if you ask them now after all these years they will tell you that he is their "Hero" their "Mentor" their "Strength" When they come home broken and beaten down by life, he picks them up...dusts them off...and loves them back to life. He was their for the birth of every grandchild. When his daughters could not longer hold their heads up...he held their heads in his big ole' hand and whispered the words of encouragement and strength that brought each grandchild into this world safely. Then he took that newborn in those big ole' arms and welcomed them into his family with the sweetest of all blessings. Those grandbabies think their "Big Daddy" can rope the moon. And I bet if they asked him to he would.

I made this card for him because he is definitely the last of the forgotten breed of Cowboy...Hardworking, Honest, Faithful, and Strong.  He wears the "Ledford" brand well and we are so proud and honored to call him "Daddy".

Here is a closer look at the paper cutting I did for this card. You will also notice two spurs that I cut from the "Old West" Cricut Cartridge. If you already haven't noticed, this is an Eabsel Card. I also embellished with flat back pearls and four small pearl heart brads on the corners of the card.

I apologize for the glare...I did my best in bad lighting. But my photography skills are not the reason for this blog anyway are they.

I also included another little card for those that don't "Cowboy Up" but are "Born To Ride"!!

I hope you like what I have created. I didn't have much of a Father figure throughout my life especially after I lost my Grandpa but I know that he thought the world of Joe because the last words he spoke were "Mijo take care of the love of my life". He entrusted my Joe to look after my Gran after 74 years of looking after her himself. Now if that didn't mean something I don't know what would. 

Please remember all the men in your life that step up to the plate and love and care for their families the way that my Boo cares for us. Let them know just how much they mean to you and not just on Father's Day, but everyday!!

Now if you will please pounce on over to RJ's Blog and enjoy what he has created! As he is the one and only male lion cub in the "Pride" and we are so happy and proud to have him. Happy Father's Day RJ!!

Be well and always remember to tell those close to you that you love em' and never let your Husband or Daddy leave your home without them knowing that you love and appreciate them always.

Until next time....

Tootles <3

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Part Of The "PRIDE"...Really????

You heard it here...Yes! I am a part of the "PRIDE"!!!! I was asked my the Alpha Lioness herself Elsa if I would like to be a part of the Just A Few Friends "PRIDE!! Would I like to??? Are you kidding me...I would LOVE to!! I have been watching Elsa create on You Tube since 2010. Can you just see me every night watching YouTube videos late at night wishing upon wishes that one day Elsa would even know my name let alone be able to create with her. I believe wishes do come true, because not only am I NOW creating with her...but I am a part of "Just A Few Friends" and I am just


Stay tuned for all of my adventures with the "PRIDE" and if you are curious as to who the "PRIDE" include you can find them in my sidebar!

Until next time...