Monday, August 13, 2012

I Have Some Amazing News To Share With You...Are You Ready?!?!

Hii Friends...

I have some AMAZING news to share with you!
So for today, we are all going to be Scraputantes...I bet you are wondering what is Bon talking about now?!?! Well just follow me for a bit okay?? 
Go put on your fanciest scrappy Tee Shirt and your Tiara then come back and join me as I make my grand debut as's August Guest Designer!
You read it right...I was asked to guest design for one of the most fantastic websites! 
I was so elated with the news that I was doing the "Happy Dance" all around my living room! I was asked to select a paper collection that I wanted to use, and shortly thereafter I received a wonderful big golden envelope full of the goodies I would be using for my creation.
Here is what I came up with...I hope you like it!

I would just like to take this time to thank the wonderful ladies from for allowing me the honor of creating for you. So to the expert Scraputantes aka the design team:
Kelly Shoaf-Creative Director
Dawna Scharff
Amelia Crowe
Dorothy O'Connor
and Courtney Villari
I say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the honor of creating for you...and the privilege of being in your company this month.
For all of you that visit my blog please take a minute and stop by
They have an AMAZING website and a FANTASTIC store. I am sure that all of my paper sisters and brothers can find something there that you just can't live without!
Until next time...Remember to capture your Summer memories before they are forgotten.

Come back and visit again...


Friday, August 10, 2012

I May Just "Surprise The Pride" With This One... :)

Hi Friends...

As you all know once a month a wonderful group of designers called "Just A Few Friends" gets together for a blog hop to share our creations with you. We hope that in doing that you are inspired to create yourself.
This month the blog hop will begin with Kimi over at so if you have reached my blog first...please pounce over to Kimi's and start there!

Some of you may be aware that our Mother Lioness Elsa and her beautiful daughter Krystal will be away from the blog hop this month as they are dealing with some family issues. Please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers.

This creation is very special to me as it is a double dipper delight in that a few weeks ago I was asked to guest design for, as I was working on my idea for our August "Surprise The Pride" blog hop! I thought why not make one AMAZING creation that I can share for both occasions...and so I did!!

 As summer begins to wind to an end I wanted to hang on to some of the most precious memories of all with my Grandchildren. So I created what I call my Double Delight Surprise Summer "Let The Fun Begin" Flip Book". Here are some photos of my creation.

Now please join me in the blog hop by pouncing on over to my brother cub's blog at to see what RJ has in store for y'all. You will be pleasantly surprised I'm sure.

I hope that as your summer comes to an end that you were able to share some very special memories with your family too and that I have inspired you to create something to cherish those sweet summer memories.

Here is the lineup for the rest of the pride so that you don't miss a thing we have all created.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and I hope that you will visit again soon. I will be right here practicing my ROARRRRRRRRRRR!!

Until next time...Be blessed...