Saturday, January 26, 2013

Save The Date...Mark Your Calendar! January Blog Hop!

Howdy Y'all!
Welcome to 2013!! A brand new year, a clean slate, a fresh new calendar to mark the most important days to us!

 Oh, speaking of calendars...what a better way to start the new year off right than with a cute calendar to pencil in all your most important dates!

The "Pride" has been crazy busy shredding paper, gnawing on ribbon, and playing with pretty embellies arranging and rearranging them, attempting to inspire you by creating the perfect calendars for 2013! We would love it if you would join us in our blog hop by pouncing from blog to blog so that you can see all the different creations we have in store for you!

Mine is super simple...something that you can accomplish in one afternoon...maybe sooner! It is especially awesome to give to close friends or family members to put on their desks at work as a quick reference!

Isn't it ADORABLE?!?! 
I hope that this cute little calendar will inspire you to create one just like it. 
Below you will find a video tutorial that I created just for you to help you along the way, I hope you will watch!
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As always, I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting with me. I hope that 2013 brings many blessings to your life. I hope that you will take a minute to stop and appreciate all the small simple pleasures in your life.
Until next time...

Be blessed...



  1. Dear Sister cub this is so CUTE!!! You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much for the inspiration! Love you!!!

  2. Yes! Adorable is the word. Wow girl!! Makes me want to make another one. LOL
    big Roarrrrrrs

  3. OH my! she is too cute! Great Calendar!

  4. Love, Love, Love it!!! This is soooo cute!!!!! Great job, Cub Sister!
    Hugs to you,

  5. This is so super adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Too cute, you did a great job... love tgf's "cheeky" collection!

  7. Fun, adorable idea. Greeting farm stamps, I'm so jealous! :) Thanks for creating the tutorial too! :) xoxo Jen

  8. You already know I LOVE your calendar, but I'll say it again. LOVE this Bon! You did a fab job on your vid too! xoxo, Linda

  9. Totally love your sweet calendar Bon. I would love to see you in those shorts. LOL. I can't believe you made one for each of us. You are too sweet my sister. Love ya. Sherain

  10. Love this adorable calendar Bon! Thanks so much for the video - it helps me a lot to see it being made! I am definitely going to try this :)

  11. Cute, cute, cute!! I adore the cheeky stamps from TGF. tfs, big hugs, Violet

  12. Hi hi! sister!...lord how cute is this. And I love the mini tut on the calendar base. I'm going to have to remember this. You did such a wonderful job. You are the wind beneath my wings, keep trucking girl! You make me strong, you touched my heart from day one when I met you. You are so sincere, so true and the PRIDE wouldn't be the same without you! I love LOVE the video, you described what the Pride is and explained what we do the best I have ever heard!!! THANKS!! love you sister!

  13. Enjoyed your video. Love that cutie pie on your calendar and how each month is a different color, so cute.

    Karen B.

  14. Super cute calendar Bon...TFS ~Kimi~

  15. Bon,your calendar is adorable. Such a good project for a new year!