Saturday, December 8, 2012

We're Having A Christmas Ornament Blog Hop...Come Join Us!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...
Welcome my friends to the most wonderful time of the year...
Please join the "Pride" of Just A Few Friends and I as we share our most purrfect creations with you!! This month our challenge was to create a Christmas Ornament! We could use any style, any medium. So I went shopping for mini baubles, bells, and glitz, not to mention pine cones, and greenery to create the most wonderful little ornaments. And as most of you know, once I get going...there's no stopping me! :)
I came home from Michael's with Bells, mini packages, greenery, pine cones, glitter and glitz! I was so excited to get started on my little ornament. Well one ornament, turned into two, that turned into three and so on and so on. But I will save a lot of space on my blog and just show y'all a few!
This first one I named "Blue Christmas"...
I took a simple bell and added all this glitz and glee to create a magical little Christmas ornament! Feast your eyes on that gorgeous glittery blue poinsettia!! And the beautiful snowflake ribbon that I found.
Here is a closer look...
Now because I am a fan of blue but my Boo is a fan of all things Burgundy or Red...I had to make one for him too!
I must say he was pretty darn happy with it!! 
Now I will show you two made of paper...
One is a star or snowflake ornament...
The other is a pretty little origami ornament...
This one was created using lots of the famous "stickles", cardstock, a little ribbon, and a pretty red bell that really works. It is so beautiful!
Too bad after I was done with my Christmas Ornamentitis none of the ornaments worked for our little tree!! As I have know created the most beautiful "Country Christmas Tree". I will post pics of that very soon! And also share some of the ornaments I created for our tree! Looks like all of these lovelies will be going on my daughter's tree!! She will be elated to know they're hers!
If you arrived here first, please follow this link to find Elsa...our den Momma. After visiting Elsa...please continue to pounce to the next blog and visit all the rest of the den. You will be delighted at all of the talent that they possess.
If you have pounced here from Margaret's blog then please go and visit my brother cub RJ at
and see what he has made to inspire y'all to create!
Thank you for visiting me today! I hope that I have inspired you, and ignited your interest in creating your own ornaments this year. If you have any questions about any of the ornaments that I have created, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment, and I promise I will get back to you as soon as I see it!
Now I'm off to den of scrappiness to come up with more awesome goodies to get y'all creating. 
Be well friends...I will be back soon...
Until next time...
Be blessed.



  1. OHHHHH, loving these!!! You are making me want to make a Michael's run!!! Nice job, just beautiful!
    Merry Roars to you!!

  2. Ohlala! Your ornaments are beautiful. Each ornament is as beautiful as the first. Love them all. Blessings.

  3. Wowzers!!! These are gorgeous!! I love the bells the best though. I bet they just shine and gleam on your tree. Big cat hugs to you!!

  4. ohhh hermana!!! wow!! te aventaste!! LOVE LOVE your projects...and i love how you always manage to make more than 1...shoot more than 2! lol i love the blue poinsettia!! Te agradesco tus esffuersos, tus animas y tu amistad!!!
    Besitos mi amiga!!

  5. Love your ornaments! They are gorgeous! The second, Burgundy one is my fav.
    I use big ornaments to decorate my apartment. think yours will work great as wall, door or window decor.

  6. Wow! they are all gorgeous. I love the colors and every thing about them. Great job cubbie.
    By the way.... My ornaments are not chip board. I have no idea why I said that. LOL They are Paper Mache. :-)

  7. Oh Wow Bon, your ornaments are just gorgeous!!! Thanks for hopping with us...

  8. Beautiful ornaments!!! tfs, hugs, Violet

  9. These ornaments are all gorgeous Bon! I can see how the first ones would be so addicting! I LOVE the star/snowflake - made a bunch of those last year and plan to make more this year! Would love to know how you made the origami ornament - that is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration dear :)

  10. These ornaments reveals the season. They speak Christmas. All over. The origami is my fav. So elegant. Fantastic!!

  11. gorgeous ornaments! You have been busy! I am not sure which is my favorite but I am partial to the red and green with the present...but blue is my favorite

  12. cutie cutie ornaments...