Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stars & Stripes...So Proud To Be An American!

Have you ever stopped to wonder just what life would be like without your freedom??
Where would you live? What kind of home would you live in?? Where would your food come from??
As July rolls around every year I can't help but ponder what would my life be like without my F.R.E.E.D.O.M.
I am so blessed to live in the land of the free because of the brave! I never for one moment take this freedom that I so love for granted! 
Many years have passed since I have been able to share a 4th of July with my Uncle Gil. He was a proud Marine. He is the one that gave me a sincere appreciation for this country that I love so much. He fought in World War II...he was a part of the "Forgotten Battalion". Here is a link to the "Forgotten Battalion" http://www.grunt.com/corps/scuttlebutt/marine-corps-stories/the-forgotten-battalion/ so that you may read more about the sacrifices these man made for us! As a little girl I use to scream with joy at all of the fireworks and splendor that was the celebration of our Independence Day, as my Uncle Gil would watch proudly at my side those colors fly and pop! How he must have felt knowing that I and my family could celebrate such a wonderful day, filled with Hamburgers, Watermelon and a big family picnic and a spectacular night filled with so much color and pride,  knowing that he played such a significant part in our freedom.
So on this special day and in celebration of my "Hero" and every brave man and woman that ever donned a uniform to defend my freedom and the freedom of all Americans it is my pleasure and the pleasure of the "PRIDE" to share our little treasures made of paper with you! If you found my blog first please make certain to pounce on over to Elsa's blog http://justafewdesigns.blogspot.com/ and enjoy her tribute to our beautiful country and then pounce on over to all the rest of the "PRIDES" blogs and see what they have created for this special day.
Now, without further ado let me share my creations with you.
First is an album that I created in honor of my "Hero" Marine...My Uncle Gil. The title of this Album is "Our Patriot Family" with it comes some wonderful meaning...the meaning of FREEDOM!

"F" is For Family both near and far...
"R" is For the Red, White & Blue...
"E" is For Equality for every American...
Whether Man, Woman, or Child...
"D" is For Yankee Doodle Dandy...and more importantly for those that defend my freedom.

"O" is For Old Glory...Still flying proudly...
...and "M" is for the precious "Memories" that we all share today and always!

Now let me share a little Stars & Stripes "Firecracker" with you to celebrate this day...
I call it the "Stars & Stripes" Firecracker Mini
 because of the way that it Pops open like a firecracker!!
Cute huh?? I hope you like it!! Now before I send you pouncing to RJ's Den  at http://thriftycrafterdude.blogspot.com/
Let me show you two more treasures I created for this day...

This layout I call "Let Freedom Ring"
and this one I call "July! I hope that I have inspired you create beautiful treasures in honor of your "Hero"...but more importantly than that...I hope that I have inspired you to reflect on the freedom that you enjoy in your life and remember on this day of independence to thank someone who fought to defend your freedom.
Because we live in the land of the FREE because of the BRAVE.
Have a very safe and very blessed 4th of July.

Until next time...

I'll be seeing you...



  1. Like it? More like LOVE IT and thanks for sharing a little bit about your Uncle Gil. Great projects Bon! Enjoy your 4th of July! xoxo!

  2. Oh Cub! wow! My respect and heartfelt sincere THANK YOU to your uncle Gil and to all those who have served!! Your projects are awesome...ALL of them, but the fact that they mean so much to you, makes them that greater!!! Your Firecracker mini is stunning! your use of color and embellishments ROCK!!! I am so happy and proud to have you as part of the PRIDE!!!
    Thanks for your participation!!
    enjoy your Independence Day!!

  3. What great projects!!! Very nice!!

  4. Hi ~ I'm new to your blog. Found you through Elsa. Your projects are so pretty! I was looking and trying to choose a favorite. It was a tough decision, but I think the firecracker album is it :).

  5. Wow Bon...wow...I am speechless... your projects are just amazing, but your heartfelt post was just such a wonderful read. As an Aussie I have a superficial understanding of your Independence Day, but your story has put a human touch and face to it. Thank you so much for sharing such a touching and personal part of you. Oh and by the way...your firecracker mini...WOWZA'S love it, love it, love it!! Have a wonderful and blessed Independence Day Bon...roooooaaaaarrrr Kimi xx

  6. Wonderful projects Bon, love the reason Indendance Day is so special to you. I wish that all Americans as well as Canadians would stop and ponder more on our great Countries Birthdays about the Freedom we all have and the sacrafices so many of our brave men and now women have made for us. God Bless you Bon.

  7. Bon, what a wonderful tribute to your Uncle Gil! and that Firecracker Mini is so cool! I'm so thankful and grateful to all our men and women that have served and sacrificed their lives for our freedom! My Dad served in the Korean war and my father-in-law was in WWII. My Dad never talked about the war and sadly passed away so many years ago, but he taught me humility, morals, generosity and just being grateful for everything we have. My father-in-law who was also such a loving, humble man never talked about being in WWII either until I saw all his military pictures and letters he wrote home to his Dad and decided to put an album together for him for Father's Day. When I gave it to him, his reaction was so priceless. He was speechless and just cried. It was only then that he started to share his military stories. His duties were to be set up communication cables while getting shot at several times. He was only 18 at the time. A couple years after I gave him the album, he passed away, but I'll treasure that photographic memory of that day forever. Hope you and your family have a happy 4th of July! Hugs, Christine

  8. One word, WOW!!! You did an incredible job! I love it all! I am totally going to borrow the Freedom Album idea for my den!! This rocks! Have a blast today! :) Michelle

  9. Gorgeous! You have been super busy. I love the colors, so vibrant! Thanks to your Uncle Gil for helping fight for our FREEDOM. I really enjoyed looking at this.

  10. Wow Bon! What a fabulous post! I know most of us take for granted our freedom and those who continue to fight for it. I love your mini album that spreads out to spell Freedom - very sweet idea! Would love to know how you created your Firecracker album and I LOVE those layouts! Thanks for sharing your sweet story about your Uncle Gil and for the link to the Forgotten Batallion!

  11. OMG Bon, you have been extremely busy making all those wonderful patriotic projects. I totally love the albums, the layouts. What a great way to honor your Uncle Gil and celebrate the freedom we often take for granted.

  12. Hi dear Bon, what beautiful creations you made. I love the idea of each page having a letter. The colors are so bright and vibrant. Big hugs, Glenda

  13. You sweet thing! What a fabulous tribute you created!!!! I too so appreciate all those who have safeguarded our freedom and in so doing so many have given their lives; or have come home with challengers they never imagined.
    Hugs Coming to You,

  14. Bon - you are so amazingly creative and expressive - I always love your work. Looking at everything you've put together for July 4th gives me that same feeling I get every time I hear the National Anthem. We are the land of the free because we are the home of the brave & that FREEDOM album shouts that message. It's amazing- WOW is a much better response tho :) Love you sister.

  15. Loved your projects but absolutely love your story of your Uncle! Made me think of my "fav" uncle who was a war hero! Made memories of my childhood come flooding back! Love it!