Monday, March 19, 2012

Just One Of Many Creations...Inspired by Just a Few Designs!

Hii Friends...

I must first apologize for being away for so long...not good when I am so new to the blogging world. I can't believe that I have only 3 blog posts and have 24 followers...AMAZING!! What can I/We do to double that count? Any suggestions??

A very dear friend of mine named Elsa from  prompted me back to my blog spot by challenging me to show a creation of mine inspired by her. Well...that was easy, because I love EVERYTHING that Elsa creates. So I quickly thought of creations I have made of late. I am a part of a creative group of ladies called the "Paper Sisters Circle". Last month I suggested that we create Accordion/Squash Albums for each lady in the circle...there are 10 of us. So imagine my excitement when I found out that I could share something that Elsa taught me quite a while ago...and that possibly I could win something with a creative gift that she gave ironic.

So without further ado I would like to share one of the Accordion/Squash Albums with all of you, and maybe someone that doesn't know me yet, will find my creations inspiring, beautiful or at the very least pretty. I apologize to all of you that already know me and have seen my creations before...I promise to share something new...Another time.

Cover Of  Album:

Inside Of Album Left Side:

Inside Of Album Left Side Opened Up:

Inside Center Of Album:

Inside Right Side Of Album:

Inside Right Side Of Album Opened Up:

Inside Of Accordion/Squash Album:

Last but not least...The Back Cover Of The Album:

Elsa, I hope that I have made you proud!! Maybe one day I can be a part of the PRIDE!!! Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to visit my is so appreciated. Until next time...



  1. Hi there Bon, lovely take on Elsa's mini! I always love seeing others perspecitves! I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for leaving me a lil bit of love on my blog...thank you for your support. It truly means a lot. I hope you have a scrappy-do day. Remember roaarrrrrrr with Pride..Kimi

  2. Velvet Mom your album is sooooo very cute..I love it. Every little corner of it. I am sure Elsa will be super moved and proud of your work. You are very ..very talented friend!! You deserve to win. I have looked on others submissions and so far your's is my favorite. I like it very much. I did one of these for Christmas, for my dear sister..and I had a lot of fun folding the paper. LOL...and then she had a lot of fun opening and understanding the book. LOL..(she is not a scrapper) Jajjajaaaa. Anyway...just a note to say....your project is a winner.

  3. Your album is beautiful. thank you for stopping by m y blog and leaving a nice comment!! I am now a follow, Happy crafting~ Cathy

  4. Your album came out super cute. I also watch Elsa's videos and she has definitely inspired me. I read your comment and that was so sweet of you. I am also a follower of yours. I have been in the blogging world for 2 years now and only have 118 followers. Don't worry you will double them if you continue creating.
    TFS. Ana

  5. Good Morning! I love this album, the colors are so fun! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, I really appreciated it. As far as the blog count, don't worry about it. Keep creating and having fun, because that is what it is really all about. That being said, I am following you now! So, plus 1!

  6. This is really cool...but I don't quite understand how you made it...can you advise....:)

  7. Valveteen....I read you reply on YT. Thanks for the compliments friend!! And thanks for sub to my channel. asked me about the music in the background...Ahhh well you'll see..I uploaded that video long ago, (last year)and I pick that song from the YT alternatives they offer when you are uploading a video..and honestly girl....I can't remember and it is remotely possible for me to remember the details. I will suggest you to check next time you upload something ( i'll do the same) on the instrumental category....I'll see if I can find anything and will come here and let you know. Fair enough? I hope... Jajajajaja. Take care.

  8. first message I just tried to left here didn't progressed. So one more time....Valveteen thanks for your compliments in mine too, and for subbing my channel. You asked about the background song. I honestly do not remember the name..imagine, I uploaded that video last year, and I picked the song from the YT options they have available when one is uploading a video. I will suggest that next time, ( I'll do the same) we check on the instrumental category and see if we can find it. I am sorry I can't give you that information...;-( I don't keep that type of information. In fact it should have been visible to viewers and it's not. I have no clue. If I found it...I'll post you. Fair enough? I hope....LOL.. Take care..Ciao!!

  9. So glad you stopped by for a visit! I enjoyed your blog and your project is awesome. Love the colors and all the little details:) A new follower of yours....look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations!
    Sherrie K

  10. Oh that's absolutely beautiful and I feel sure that Elsa would be proud of you as well! You did a great job!
    Robin at Candy Creek

  11. hmmm...well my entry is not here! I came by the day after you entered this on my blog! I do not understand why it didnt post! I am so sorry my friend! I love it! your color combo is perfect...and Im so honored for the shout out! truly humbling!!!
    thanks for entering and Good luck!!!!

  12. OMG... This album is absolutely Gorgeous!!!!

  13. Wow Bon! This album is awesome! I love the colors you chose! I know that Elsa is just tickled pink! See you at the hop! Aloha, Linda